"My fear before I hired CAROLYNLEONA was that Liz would think I had bad taste! That didn’t happen at all - I feel like you understand my aesthetic and budget and provide appropriate options for both. I always tell people I love working with Liz because not only is she super friendly and fun to work with but her guidance helps give me peace of mind.  I have a difficult time putting the right things together (scale, colors, etc) and Liz helps by pointing out design fundamentals that I’m not necessarily familiar with.  She also has a massive list of resources/vendors to choose from that I would never even know existed."

-Christy S.

"Hiring Liz Goldberg was one of my top five decisions of the year.  “WOW - I love it!” is my favorite expression when first viewing her designs. I’m living with them now and loving them even more. I tell my friends “You want someone who’s a creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, responsive, perceptive designer with a great team? Call Liz!"

-Bob G.

"We moved into our new home in Chicago approximately a year ago. Prior to moving in we sent Liz the floor plans as it was new construction and based on the plans alone, she was able to help us design and decorate our kitchen, living room, dining room and roof deck. She helped with everything from countertop selection, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, furniture, rugs, etc. She captured exactly the look we were going for, and we couldn't have been more pleased with her work. It can't be easy designing a home from another state, but she made the process fun, easy and seamless. Everything she recommended was proportionate to the room and looks amazing. She has since helped us decorate our master bedroom, bathroom and our daughters rooms. We referred her to my brother who moved into a new home in Texas and they couldn't be more pleased with her work. I would highly recommend Liz. She really listens to what you want and makes the process fun and easy!"

-Megan S.

"Before we began working with Liz, my biggest fear was spending too much on our project if we hired a designer. I am still in disbelief that we ended up coming in below budget!!!! I loved brainstorming with Liz on design and working through our initial ideas. Having Liz translate this into a concrete plan was so much fun!! Our home turned out better than we could possibly have imagined and I tell my friends about CAROLYNLEONA quite a bit.  I know when they are ready for a redo or update they will use her services."

-Carrie N.

"Before my husband and I hired CAROLYNLEONA, I was worried that my vision and budget would get out of control, as I personally have this tendency. Liz was able to help manage this by providing multiple options at various price points so we could splurge where we wanted and scale back when necessary. Liz is also truly focused on achieving the vision of her clients – she helps guide, but is not pushy!

Liz is exceptional about making your vision come to life! She’s very patient and willing to work through several iterations in order to truly nail the concepts/elements you want to in your home. She also makes the process super easy and is very responsive. Liz is a true professional and pleasure to work with!

I whole heartedly recommend CAROLYNLEONA! Working with Liz was well worth it and in my mind paid for itself. She saved me time and money and delivered a beautiful end product. We wanted to achieve a style that merged both modern and traditional elements which can be tricky, and Liz nailed it! She has a great eye for design – we plan to work with Liz again for future projects."

-Molly G.

"I spoke with Liz on the phone a few weeks before the closing on our home in Raleigh. We met in person directly following our closing where Liz helped us develop a strategic plan to get the home ready before we made the move from KY to NC with 3 small children. Liz worked with us to come up with a design for the entire house to implement in phases beginning with paint, wallpaper, electrical upgrades and furniture placement and wall decor. In two weeks time Liz was able to secure tradesmen for each of our priorities, monitored their progress and installed rugs and window coverings. The house was move in ready by the time my family arrived. Liz was and is incredibly professional and cool under pressure. She understood and executed our priorities wonderfully and we are excited to continue working with her in the very near future."

- Kristin E.