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  • Reimagined, renovated and redesigned our clients’ home after a devastating hurricane. 

  • Displayed unique textiles and pieces mixing old with new to create rooms that feel welcome and inspired.

  • Repurposed an existing space and created a new multifunctional space. To maximize square footage, we demoed the unused dining room and expanded the kitchen to include reading chairs to take advantage of the morning light.  

  • Added a built-in reading nook with arch wrapped in wood, wallpapered the back panel wallpaper and topped it off with sconces.

  • Constructed a new fireplace with built-ins on either side, composed of reclaimed wood shelves and textured tile.

  • Statement lighting is a critical element in our projects.  The  foyer pendant light resembles bubbles, a playful nod to the water.  The hand beaded turquoise jade chandelier was the leading point and inspiration for this project. The three pendants over the island pull together the space, and the lamp on our clients’ desk adds a sculptural detail.

  • Our clients’ favorite color is a deep dark turquoise. We went super bold with turquoise tile in the fish scale shape which  further brought the bathroom to life with vibrant plumbing fixtures.


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