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Today, we are giving you a behind the scenes look at our Blount Street Custom Window Treatments.

When a dear family friend reached out and said they needed some design help with the transition from a nursery to a big girl’s room, we were SO excited.  If you had a chance to read our latest blog post you know one of our favorite design projects is creating sophisticated and functional nurseries for new parents.

Our goal for this project was to create a beautiful and timeless window treatment that could transition in the girl’s room as she gets older.

It was important to keep the overall look light and airy, but still functional for nap and bedtime.  We chose a pure white linen and added a gorgeous trim to give it an additional pop. We also added a blackout lining to the back side of the curtains.  Not only is this a great way to block out the light during your kiddo’s nap time, but it also protects the fabric from sun damage, which increases the life of your curtains.

The rod is where we had a lot of fun!  We went with a custom lucite rod and had it cut down to fit the space perfectly.  We then added brass accents to keep the style current and cool.

There are many different types of window treatments out there and deciding on the perfect style for your space might feel a bit overwhelming. With that said, it is always best to have a professional install your window treatments, but if you are up for the challenge plan for time and patience during installation as the details are so important.  The good news is the options are endless and once they are up, you will see how incomplete your space looked without them. So have fun with it and hop on Pinterest to start looking for inspiration!


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