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CL’s Design Manager is a key role into bringing all of our projects to life!

Q: What’s your story?

When I am not working as a Design Manager - I love to travel, explore the outdoors, practice yoga and rock climb. When it comes to interior design, my passion lies in kitchen and bath design and everything custom cabinetry! I LOVE working with trades to design pieces that are completely unique and one of a kind! 

Q: How did you find CAROLYNLEONA?

I found CL through Ivy, a business management tool for interior designers.  Because of my husband’s job, I was dreaming of a flexible remote position. INSERT LIZ GOLDBERG of CAROLYNLEONA. 

Q: How would you define CL?

CAROLYNLEONA is a contemporary and innovative firm that isn’t afraid to dream big. CL puts sweat, blood and tears into every project! Personality, collaboration, and attention to detail  is embedded in everything we do - this is a HUGE reason why I love working at CL!

Q:  What’s your favorite home from a movie or television show?

I would say the house from Home Again. What is not to love about all the windows and natural light. The home has old bones with so many bright textural accents. Hey, I’ll take it!

Q:  What is your favorite part about the design process?

So many how can one choose!? I have to give three of my fav’s because I can’t choose! 

#1  I really enjoy the logistical part of design. Figuring out the best processes and organizing information to create ease of understanding for both the client and our team. 

#2 I love analyzing all the parts and pieces to the clients dream space and pulling it together into a really great visual. 

#3 Watching our designs go from a 2D floor plan to installation and seeing how happy our clients are to see their vision turn into a reality - this is so rewarding! 

Q:  How do you work best with clients?

Listen - design, listen - refine, - listen refine, listen - perfect. Having open communication with our clients and getting to know them on a deeper level is so important to the design process! Holding space for them to give open and honest feedback allows us to cut through the fluff and deep dive into what is truly going to enhance their everyday life.


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