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The time has finally come for us to share our Stay at Home Spa project and let us be the first to tell you that it does not disappoint!

Our clients are busy with full-time jobs and have two little ones at home which means they are long overdue for a little sanctuary that they can slip away to. Our goal was to transform their main bathroom to a clean, organized and serene space with a vacation feel.

When designing the space we knew we had to completely demo the bathroom, while also staying within our clients' investment amount. To help accomplish this, we kept the plumbing in similar locations.

First, we removed the large window above the tub and replaced it with a transom window to allow for natural light and privacy. We demo'ed the jacuzzi tub and replaced it with a beautiful freestanding tub with black tub filler.

The previous vanity was dark, bulky and did not utilize the space as well as it could have.

We completely redesigned this to better fit our client's lifestyle and organizational needs. We achieved this bright and airy spa ambience with white quartz countertops and a light wood finish. We ended up increasing the backsplash higher than the traditional 3" to give it a more custom look while also making the ceilings appear taller. It also provides extra protection against little ones splashing and washing hands at the sink which is a major parental bonus!

We would be lying if we said we didn’t wait until the end to show you our favorite part of this space. And here it is...the showstopper!

This handmade shower wall tile is absolute vacation spa-like perfection. A nod to nature, the natural variation of pale, zen green allowed us to bring a bit of the outdoors in.

Unlike the previous shower, we made the choice to go curbless while running the bathroom floor tile directly into the shower.

In keeping with the clean and sleek spa feel, we integrated a drain and no shower door, along with an extra wide niche for more storage.

Our clients said it feels like they are on a tropical vacation in Costa Rica when they shower, so we’ll take that as a win!

Now that we have given you the ultimate before and after reveal, head on over to the CL Instagram and let us know what your favorite part is.


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