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We heard on a podcast recently that you might buy a dress and just wear it once, but the items in your home you will USE, LIVE WITH, and SEE every day. The essence of what we do here at CAROLYNLEONA is mixing high with low, old with new. We believe investing in quality seating, custom window treatments, and lighting that tells your story should be your splurge pieces.

Today, we are sharing our TOP 3 considerations when purchasing an investment piece.

#1 QUALITY SEATING - Look at upholstery seating from the inside out.

How is the piece crafted and what is the workmanship like?

Focus on the spring system, ideally you want an 8 way hand tie (when you sit on a low quality sofa, you can see the spot where you sat); the highest quality sofa has 8 way hand ties which will prevent a dip in seating to occur, which is why you are investing in this piece. Don’t forget about incredible fabric to meet your lifestyle needs.

#2 CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS - Typically no two windows are the same, there is size, placement and function that come into play.

Think of window treatments as the third piece of your clothing outfit, they dress the room, but they are also operable/functional.

Things to consider before purchasing window treatments - are you going to open and close your treatments daily? Do you want sunlight to come in? When treatments are open, do you want to have a completely naked window or do you want to still have some sort of privacy? Are you trying to achieve help with acoustics? If you have followed CL for a while you know how much WE LOVE custom window treatments. Check out a previous post of ours that specifically talks about Custom Window Treatments.

#3 LIGHTING - This is the jewelry of the room and totally worth the splurge, since it’s also a functional investment.

Do you need your lighting to be dimmable? Do you want to mix materials? Are you wanting to add drama or an unexpected pop to your space?

Lighting is a CL favorite way to make a statement and tell the story of your room. It helps transform a room and defines your style!


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